LCubed – A Social Enterprise

Using the Web & Apps for a higher purpose

Over 10 years ago when we incorporated LCubed one of our primary motivations was to create an organisation that could have a greater impact in the world than we could as individuals.

Much has changed over the intervening years, more grey hairs and kids, but our underlying intent at LCubed has remained the same, to run an organisation that has a significant positive impact in the world.

We have sponsored, donated, done pro-bono work, delivered reduced fee projects and run an ongoing Kiva team.

Today there is a difference though, in fact a couple of differences.

  • Today, instead of considering our community contribution as an adjunct or additional activity, it is an integral part of our projects, it is ‘what we do’;
  • This mode of purposeful working now has a name: Social entrepreneurship or the social enterprise.

What does all this mean?

Day to day for LCubed and our team this means:

  1. We look to become involved with projects that aim to achieve a ‘greater good’ of a kind that resonates with us,
  2. We are open to partnering on projects (e.g. by ‘sponsoring the project, splitting ownership and sharing associated down stream benefits)
  3. We happily provide input and advice to people and organisations that wish to leverage the web for social good

Example projects – proof is in the pudding

Currently we are working a small number of ‘flagship’ projects. These are;

  1. Assisting CSIRO with the creation of their national online portal communicating about climate change in Australia
  2. Teaming up with the ADHD Alliance to create an App that supports families with kids suffering from learning and behavioural disorders
  3. Creating Skopes a web tool and App that hand holds SMEs and non-profits through the challenging process of initiating, setting up and running web system implementation projects

For each project we create a manifesto or a rationale that captures the ‘Why’ or higher purpose (both the social outcome and for us as a team). You can read the abbreviated version of our flagship projects in this PDF.

Historically we have been involved in many worthy projects with a social purpose, to name a few:

  • HEARNet ( A portal from the Hearing CRC that promotes hearing health and educates about hearing physiology, and the remediating technologies available
  • Creating the online face ( of the CRC wielding a research budget of over 100m dollars, that is revolutionising water management.
  • The Evergraze program research outcomes (, researching and promoting sustainable and profitable farming in Australia
  • Saltland Genie: A website and mobile app based decision tool that helps farmers ‘treat’ salt land and return it to productivity
  • Also: The Margaret Pratt Foundation (, Prahran Mission (, Community connections (, CRC for Polymers (, Deaf Sports Australia (, Personal Heath Optimiser (, Parker Centre (

What does this mean to you (our clients and partners)

There are a number of ways our Social Enterprise approach might be relevant to you:

  1. As you have likely surmised we love to do projects that have a greater purpose, so if you have one to get done please get in touch. We will go above and beyond in achieving the impact you are look to achieve.
  2. If you have an idea (for example, taking your existing good work online) that will ultimately be profitable as well as adding to society, we may consider co-funding your project in return for downstream reward.
  3. If you are looking to explore an idea and want to talk to experts informally then get in touch. We will do our best to find a time to discuss and add to your ideas.
  4. If you want to get behind any of our projects please get in touch, or look out for us on CrowdFunding platforms and fund us to make a difference.
  5. Note: Our approach does not include providing free services to NfPs, we are now building apps and services that can be used by many NfPs or have a wider impact that a once of activity