Kiva is a website and organisation that enables us to lend money to entrepreneurs globally. Generally these individuals are looking for funds to sustainably improve their lives by building their businesses. The best way to learn about Kiva and Micro-lending is to visit and watch the video. One amazing fact about Kiva (and micro-lending) is that almost 99% of all loans are repaid! That means that the entrepreneur has succeeded and honours the debt. It also means that when we ‘donate’ the money it works again and again and again…

Our Involvement

LCubed are giving a bit back to the world… we are delighted to announce we have just established a Kiva Team. To date we have lent money to twenty seven Kiva entrepreneurs who have fulfilled our selection requirements. If you are interested in getting involved and would like to join our team – we will be opening invitations to the group in the near future. Drop us a line if you are interested.

Wide & local community involvement

Over the years this desire to have a positive impact has manifested in many forms, we have undertaken significant pro-bono work (well beyond the average 1% level) including:

  • The Margaret Pratt Foundation
  • The St Vincent’s Cancer Centre,
  • Sponsoring fundraising events (including Opera in the Market)
  • Many more!