Philosophy of positive impact

Way back in 2002 two IT / Marketing / Comms people teamed up to form LCUBED. It was at the time that Software as a Service (SaaS) was shaking and shaping the way businesses use the web to communicate.

Luke and Karen saw this change, and also the yawning gap that it created: People really didn’t know how to make the most of these new tools and systems.

However, there was a much more touchy feely motivation to start a business, both partners had a deep desire to have a significant, lasting and positive impact on the world; and both knew that a business would have greater reach than they as individuals could ever have.

So armed with something of a plan, and a meaningful motivation they got to work.

Over the years this desire to have a positive impact has manifested in many forms, we have undertaken significant pro-bono work (well beyond the average 1% level) including:

  • The Margaret Pratt Foundation
  • The St Vincent’s Cancer Centre,
  • Sponsoring fundraising events (including Opera in the Market)
  • Today we run an ongoing micro-lending initiative via Kiva. (Please contact us if you would like to join our Kiva team!)

Our philosophy has also influenced our choice of clients. For many years we worked for Associations (and still do), assisting them with communications and membership databases.

Today we focus on using the web and digital channels to communicate and drive adoption of research outcomes, scientific findings and innovation. From helping people understand causes of hearing loss to climate change (and potential ways to mitigate both!) we believe that these topics contain amazing potential to influence the world for good.