Who we work for

We work for a wide range of organisations and individuals, but the common thread is a need to communicate an in-depth or significant topic.

Often the topics are scientific or research based; for example we might be presenting research outcomes that advocate practice or behavioural change. Alternatively we might be assisting a government department communicate the implications of legislation in a friendly and readily understandable manner.

Some examples of organisations we work for:

Research and Development groups

  • For example, communicating research findings and ‘best practice’ guidance
  • Including, Rural Research and Development organisations (RD&E), Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation, Dairy Australia, Horticulture Australia Limited

Government Departments

  • For example, communicating legislation
  • Including DPCD, DPI, DSEWPC, DAFF

Government Agencies

  • For example, communicating scientific findings and their implications 
  • Including CSIRO & BoM

Science, innovation and commercialization

  • For example, communicating innovations and scientific findings 
  • Including, many Cooperative Research Centers, Water Sensitive Cities CRC, Hearing CRC, Future Farms Industries