Water Sensitive Cities CRC





Water Sensitive Cities CRC were newly funded and in launch mode, bringing together bright minds at the same time as creating its 'client facing' materials for the first time. The CRC has a important and complex role to play in making cities water and people friendly - our challenge was to understand and relate that purpose and key programs both to experts and laypeople.


We understood that for the site to simultaneously engage expert audiences and laypeople we needed to make it highly visual and interactive. Because the CRC was both unique and new we needed to use interactive 'learning objects' to convey the CRCs purpose and function. To deliver it its constituency, it also needed to include intuitive access to 'hard' information such as reports and resources.


This solution is content rich 'shop front' for the CRC, the learning objects included interactive illustrations and diagrams, and animated videos. An online resource library was created including a tag or metadata driven filtering and navigation. Keywords (and a keyword cloud) were incorporated to describe to visitors 'at a glance' key areas of work as well as to provide quick access to relevant materials on the website


The CRC now has a highly professional online front which elegantly guides and informs both experts and new visitors. It provides introductory information in an appealing form, as well as quick access to comprehensive and in-depth 'data'. All content is editable and maintainable, including the keyword driven resource library.

...the site design is fantastic! You wonderfully talented - to work with our demands, whims (and sketchy delivery schedule) and still deliver with a great outcome is no accident. Ross Allen, Project Leader