Typical projects & deliverables

What we typically deliver for our clients

When we use the web and digital media to communicate in-depth information and significant topics, this commonly includes:

  • Content rich websites that remain engaging and successfully communicateview an example
  • Decision tools that take the difficulty out of significant or complex decision making see an example
  • Explanatory or Learning ‘objects’, such as animations that describe or illustrate complex concepts view an example
  • Engagement ‘objects’, that catch the eye or tell a story using animation and interactivity, see an example
  • Process facilitation tools, that guide people though multiple steps, keeping them on track, show me one
  • Storytelling and metaphors that engage people, pulling visitors into rich content, here is one
  • Use of search engines and social media to drive awareness and attract attention to a topic
  • Downloadable ‘assets’ such as spreadsheets housing more complex calculations, see an example
  • Stand alone Apps & online tools,view an example

Please get in touch if you would like to view more examples or discuss your requirements.