The People in Dairy


Australian Dairy farmers have a strong and long history of operation, which is often family based. Today however they are bound by the same operational and legal requirements as other businesses. Managing 'human resources' has therefore become a key issue in achieving on-farm success (legal and compliance necessities) and happiness (retention and lifestyle).


A significant quantity of research and materials were presented at the early stages of the project, and we understood that to make the most out of these for a wide range of needs would take careful structuring and planning. To successfully address a range of rural audiences the site needed to present genuine imagery of Australian farmers and address known 'hot buttons', but to fulfil requirements we needed to enable visitors to delve quickly into the rich and comprehensive content, such as templates and guides.


The People in Dairy website combines rich content and well thought through web strategies, creating a highly successful hub for farmers. The site includes an interactive homepage 'slider' that addresses hot issues, and a tool that intuitively guides farmers in locating the documentation or resource that they need. The site structure makes it search engine friendly resulting in significant visitation. An out bound (email) notification tool was set up to allow proactive communications.


The People in Dairy website has catered for over a hundred thousand visits, and facilitated the download of 30,000 resources and templates. Its popularity has risen steadily over the years and it continues to achieve very high engagement (low bounce rates and high time on site). Additionally the insight generated by website usage patterns clearly shows areas of current concern to farmers, and the out bound communications attain very high approval (high open rates and click throughs)

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