Future Ready Dairy Systems


Climate variability is impacting on farm operations and profitability; this impact is likely to become more serious over time. Dairy Australia via the Future Ready Dairy Systems (FRDS) program have research and collated numerous adaptation strategies and approached LCUBED to assist them make these available online.


Our first insight was that the wide variety (of mostly geographically locatable) information needed a map interface as start point. As farmers are highly location focused, we also decided to allow content navigation and search based location. Finally we realised the need a mechanism to allow quick and flexible access to the large volume of information on the website and knowledge base.


Key solution elements match the established understandings. An interactive map was created to allow farmers to explore local, but also link to other relevant information. 'Mega-menus' allowed farmers to find content via visual cues, and an extensive 'meta-data' system tags content help farmers explore via popular and relevant keywords.


Dairy Australia now have a successful hub that farmers use to quickly and easily find relevant and local information on readying their farms for future climate variation, as well as optimising for profitability today. The system is flexible and easy to keep up to date by the project team members as new advice becomes available.