Skills & Experience

We have a long history of working in digital communications and delivering projects of a challenging nature.

We began with key strengths (communications / analysis / project management / technical systems), and kept building and learning from there.

In the last 10 years we have learned from the creation of each and every one of:

  • Over 300 content rich websites/portals
  • Over 150 apps and tools
  • Over 6,500 email broadcasts

More on common project deliverables here.

Importantly our experience is specific to the area of communicating complex or in-depth information; the topics we help communicate are usually meaty, interesting and challenging.

You can find some examples of recent work here, and here, some of the organisations we are lucky enough to work for.

We are always interested to hear about the next communications challenge so please contact us to discuss yours. We enjoy talking about our work and adding value to others (before and after we are formally engaged!) so please do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you are looking for more theoretical information on the ‘how to’ you might like to visit our web portal dedicated to the topic of “Communicating Complexity”.

If you wish to benchmark your project against others you might like to try our Digi-Comms Benchmarker tool.