Getting the best possible outcomes

For us there are two standout strengths we bring that are essential to the successful delivery of challenging Digital Communications projects:

  1. Methodologies that enable us to, in collaboration with our clients,  envisage the best possible digital communications solutions (we have a unique approach to Solution Architecture)
  2. Good old fashioned Project Management – i.e. getting it done on time and budget

There are of course other very important talents and skills (for example fantastic creative interface designers), but the above two are our ‘secret’, they help us deliver the best possible solutions and ‘bang for buck’.




Our methodologies are built upon (and from) over 10 years of delivering challenging projects, they also build upon industry standard approaches that are essential in any digital comms initiatives. This is illustrated in the diagram (click to enlarge).

Many of our methodologies help us communicate principles and considerations for best use of the web and digital media, enabling clients to truly participate in the process of brainstorming approaches and solutions. It is in this collaboration that lies the secret of getting the best possible outcomes. When it comes to creating solutions that communicate is is essential that there are no ‘ivory towers’ or ‘black boxes’. slide-under_the_cover1


Project Management

Project Management is not the sexiest of strengths, but its importance cannot be underestimated.

We think of the Solution Architecture process as ‘setting the bar’; it defines what we are going to create, but without strong project management it stands little chance of being made real, even less chance of becoming so on time and budget.

Our PM process is an amalgamation of PMI’s PMBOK and smaller scale more ‘agile’ approaches.