Thank you for your thank you!

thanks card

Sometimes people get in touch to ask us about a product or service, and the truth is that we are not a perfect match for what they need. Usually its a close thing; we might even be able to deliver the service, but know that there is other, often cheaper, ways that do not include us.

In this situation we have a choice to make:

  1. See if we can persuade the enquirer that we are the best option (even though we know we aren’t!)
  2. Make the call as short as possible and move on
  3. Take the time to provide some advice and point them in the right direction

The first two put our needs first, number 3 puts the other persons needs first, and is the right thing to do. Guess which one we choose!

Recently this exact situation occurred and the enquirer (who will remain confidentially anonymous) sent us a thank you card and a scratchy for our efforts (see above).

We believe that we have integrity and we occasionally even tell people, but then so does everyone else, so it is great to have some proof!

Also, it is lovely to be recognised and thanked, so … thank you for your thank you anonymous friend we are glad to be of service!