LCubed Ask Us program

What is our Ask Us program?

Our ask us program is a way for both our clients and others facing the challenge of communicating rich and interesting information via digital channels, to get expert input with no strings attached!

As you might expect some conditions apply… See below.

How do I Ask?

To have a question answered, please submit it via our contact form, using Ask Us as the subject line or give us a call. Please be sure to leave your contact details too. Depending on when you submit your question there may be a queue…

What’s in it for you?

You get light thrown upon (and possibly even a direct answer to!) your question, without paying any fees!
We will publish the response via our blog, so if you wish we can also link to your web properties or social profile.

Why do we do it?

We run this program for a few reasons:

  1. It keeps us in contact with our customers and current with their needs and challenges
  2. It keeps us creating niche, valuable and useful content for our clients and others
  3. It builds relationships and keeps us adding value (little by little) to the world
  4. It’s interesting and even fun

What restrictions are there?

We can/will only answer questions that are relevant and valuable to people using the web and digital channels to communicate rich, interesting and complex information. The questions / answers must be useful for a wider audience (so not specific to a technology or advice on your own topic etc).

What obligations are there?

Questions and answers will be used by us in our materials – so you will need to waive all ownership rights to the questions. However we will not disclose your details unless you wish us to (e.g. if you would like us to link to your site or profile). If you wish to publish or use more widely the created content then it must be suitably accredited and approved by LCubed.

Where can I find examples?

You can find some examples of questions and answers in our blog at: